Sound Transit Proposition 1

King County Best Starts for Kids

King County Emergency Services Levy

King County Veterans and Human Services Levy

King County Fingerprint I.D. System Levy

King County Parks Levy 2003, 2007

King County Transit Levy

Snohomish County Community Transit Levy

Clark County Transit Proposition 1

Seattle Let’s Move

Seattle Preschool Levy

Seattle Parks Levy

Seattle Transit Levy

Seattle Fire & Facilities Levy

Seattle Housing Levy (2001 and 2009)

Seattle Families & Education Levy

Seattle Pike Place Market Levy

Seattle Street & Sidewalk Maintenance Levy

Spokane Citizens for Pool & Play Levy

Everett EMS Levy

Tacoma School District Levy

Initiatives & Select Local Measures

Yes on I-1401 – Endangered Animals

Yes on I-594 – Background Checks

Yes on I-1351 – Class Size

Approve Ref. 74 – Marriage Equality

Yes on I-502 – Marijuana Legalization

No on I-1082 – Workers Comp Reform

No on I-1100 – Liquor Privatization

No on I-1105 – Liquor Privatization

No on I-1125 – Eyman Transportation Measure

No on I-1033 – Eyman Property Tax

Yes on I-1000 – Death with Dignity

No on I-985 – Eyman Transportation Measure

Yes on I-1029 – Long Term Care

No on I-960 – Eyman 2/3 Majority

Approve Ref. 67 – Insurance Reform

No on I-920 –Estate Tax

No on I-330 – Medical Malpractice